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Data Driven Creativity

Data: Businesses that have successfully integrated creativity and analytics have grown twice as fast than those that haven’t. (McKinsey) A majority (70 percent) of integrators employ advanced analytics for consumer insights, compared with only 40 percent

The Balance Of Innovation

The Balance Of Innovation In The Digital Age Achieving a balance between traditional business and new innovative influences is a challenge that many companies face. A rich vocabulary of disdain often exists from "innovators" towards "traditionalists," including: bureaucratic, robotic, rigid, ossified, staid, dull, decaying, and just plain old. Balancing how to restructure


User Generated Content Campaigns

Building customer feedback systems into your marketing is essential. Building customer collaboration into your marketing process is the next natural step. Almost every marketer acknowledges that customer feedback is important.They may also acknowledge that it is the best way to drive innovation, and to ensure that their business is at

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