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User Generated Content Campaigns

Building customer feedback systems into your marketing is essential. Building customer collaboration into your marketing process is the next natural step. Almost every marketer acknowledges that customer feedback is important.They may also acknowledge that it is the best way to drive innovation, and to ensure that their business is at the forefront of change.  

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The top skills of CMOs? Industry, Digital, Sales and Marketing Strategy.

Hypothesis My original hypothesis was that CMOs would have a relatively broad set of skills, and would major in marketing and sales, and minor in something like communications and brand. If there were industry skills they would be one or two skills at the most.So a skill set might look something like; Marketing, Sales, Account

The top skills of CMOs? Industry, Digital, Sales and Marketing Strategy.2017-05-20T22:54:35+00:00

12 Leadership Lessons From World Class Football Managers

(or why every executive should take a football coaching license) In between all the gossip about transfers and the sniping at other teams, there are some coaches that have shaped the game and have written plenty about leadership. The two most over-used metaphors in business are sports and war. The reason, I was once reliably

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Reporting on digital performance to the board

Digital is already a strategic core to many businesses. With the appointment of Chief Digital Officers (800+ of them in Australia), boards have a responsibility to oversee and hold accountable digital technology and capability. Wedged between the CMO and the CTO, a Chief Digital Officer has a broader remit to drive growth, especially by converting traditional "analog" businesses to digital

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The Balance Of Innovation

The Balance Of Innovation In The Digital Age Achieving a balance between traditional business and new innovative influences is a challenge that many companies face. A rich vocabulary of disdain often exists from "innovators" towards "traditionalists," including: bureaucratic, robotic, rigid, ossified, staid, dull, decaying, and just plain old. Balancing how to restructure existing services or products to

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The most undervalued part of your content strategy is…..

If you search for content marketing and look at the top 5 images, and the top 5 search results, it is hardly mentioned. In the images I could find, it was represented in user research at the start, but not further downstream. If you look at most content strategies, the focus is on process, governance,

The most undervalued part of your content strategy is…..2017-05-21T05:57:06+00:00

The Changing Algorithm Behind Google’s Adwords

Google claims that the cost of advertising (CPC) using Adwords is a fixed calculation from when they "combine the components of Quality Score, the max. CPC bid, and the expected impact of extensions and other ad formats to determine Ad Rank." Then as an advertiser your bid and subsequent placement is based on the results of that

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